The Swinging 60s Costumes!

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The Swinging 60s Costumes!

The 60s costumes are perhaps one of the most popular outfits people love to wear at fancy dress parties after the 70s costumes. The sixties costumes are truly stylish and very comfortable for dancing in, this is one of the many reasons why many people choose to wear them at 60s themed parties.

There are an array of fashions and styles from the sixties era – this is the period where the fashion industry grew and exploded like never before. For this reason, there are different kinds of 60s costumes to choose from.

Here are three cool 60s costume suggestions that you may wish to consider when you are figuring out what to wear to a 60ss themed party.

The Retro Groove Fashion for Women
This particular look comes to mind when most people think of the 60s 60s fashion styles for women. Tight mini dresses that feature outrageous designs. There are retro mini dresses available in black and white checked print designs or the ever classic vintage paisley patterns.  If you are asked to dress “Mod” for a 60s party, you should channel the famous super model “Twiggy” – she embodied the Mod Look. Think mini-mini skirts, big sunglasses, flattened chest, boyish hair cut and Twiggy eyelashes.

A sexy mini dress will not be complete without wearing a pair of Go-Go boots and beautiful match headband.  60s style wigs will complement your look perfectly and add a touch of originality to your outfit.

Beatles Costumes for the Men
The Beatles costumes are perfect for men who want to rock the 60s look. There is quality Beatles costumes available in local costume shops and online.  You can choose to go for the 60s costumes with clean cut-style or the “Flower Power” look. Men always look dashing when they wear Beatles costumes to a 60s themed party.

The famous grey Beatles “British Invasion” suit will look cool on anyone! Do not forget to wear the mop-top Beatles wig to really pull off the look.

Hippie 60s Costumes for men and women
A really great looking 60 costume style for men and women is the hippie costume. These costumes range from psychedelic, multi-colored, flared costumes to sexy and short Love Child outfits.

Whichever hippie style you choose, you should not forget to get the must-have hippie accessory, the well known and loved “Peace Pendant” – the peace pendant became the symbol for the Hippie Movement.

Where to Buy Great 60s Costumes?
You can shop for costumes at the local store or online. If you want a more convenient way to shop for your sixties costume and have the items delivered to your doorstep, then you should shop online. Make sure that you choose a supplier that has the outfits and accessories that you want and will deliver the purchased items in time for your party.